Community Involvement

Last updated April 17th, 2013
As part of the diploma requirements, each student must make a positive contribution to the well-being of the community. The community involvement consists of student self-directed activities of at least 40 hours, which must be completed before graduation. The activities must occur outside of normal instructional hours.

Quick Links

  • Community Involvement Form
  • OCDSB Guidelines for Community Involvement
The purpose of the community involvement is to promote community values by:
  • helping students understand how they can make a positive difference in their environment
  • having students demonstrate their integrity
  • having students contribute to their community
  • increasing student awareness of community needs
  • discovering the role students can play in making their communities a better place in which to live and work
  • developing a positive self-image and a greater sense of identity in the community
  • providing a possibility for exploring career opportunities

Students will be informed of acceptable community involvement activities at the beginning of grade 9, how to register for community involvement, roles and responsibilities of schools / parents / students. If an activity is not on the OCDSB list of approved activities, the student must obtain approval from the principal or designate before starting the activity.

For further information, consult the document OCDSB Guidelines for Community Involvement, also available at