Advanced Placement Courses

Last updated January 13th, 2015

At Earl of March, AP content is taught concurrently with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. The following AP courses are offered at EOM:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • English Language and Composition
  • English Literature and Composition
  • French Language and Culture
  • European History
  • United States History
  • Computer Science (guided independent preparation – no course)

Earl of March students consistently perform very well in AP examinations. In the past five years, 93-98% of Earl of March student who took an AP exam received a grade of 3 or higher, as compared to 76-80% in Ontario and 60-62% worldwide. In fact, many Earl students are awarded the designation of “AP Scholar”: a grade of 3 or higher in three or more AP exams.

Students who take AP-stream courses are not obliged to take the AP examination. Furthermore, exam results are disclosed to universities only if the student chooses to send them. Many students choose the AP stream for the rich classroom experience rather than strictly for the university credit. The Earl of March AP program offers enriched learning and enhanced opportunities to motivated, capable students.

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For further information about the AP Program at Earl of March, please contact AP Program Coordinator Laura Johnstone at

AP Scholar

  • 3 successful AP examinations with scores of 3 or higher
  • Most Canadian universities grant credits to students with AP scores of 4 or 5

Advanced Placement Courses at Earl of March

AP Exam Course path
Biology SNC2D or 2DF → SBI3U → SBI4UR
Chemistry SNC2D or 2DF → SCH3U → SCH4UR
Physics 1 SNC2D or 2DF → SPH3UR and SPH4UR (both required for exam)
Physics 2 SNC2D or 2DF → SPH3UR and SPH4UR (both required for exam)
English Language and Composition ENG 2D → ENG 3UR (or ENG 4UR)
English Literature and Composition ENG2D → ENG3UR → ENG4UR
French Language and Culture FIF 2D* → FIF 3UH (*Note: because the French exam is based on language skills rather than specific content, all Earl French Immersion students have the skills to write the exam by Grade 11)
US History CHC2D or 2DF → CHA3UR
European History CHC2D or 2DF → CHW3M or 3MF → CHY4UR
Computer Science Guided independent preparation
Calculus AB Guided independent preparation
*Course in bold is the course that is directly connected to AP exam preparation in that subject