Last updated December 11th, 2012

Course Code 

Courses Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Media Arts   ASM2O    
Digital Media (Communications)   AWS2O AWS3M AWS4M
At Earl of March, the courses in multi-media combine media of all sorts of communication such as images, text, graphics, and sound. Any of these two courses in Multi-media are great for students who love to manipulate their love for art in new ways; using the computer and other programs such as Adobe.

Media Art

…focuses on using computers and programs such as Adobe Photoshop to manipulate and create photos and images. Historical and critical analysis is used to further motivate and educate students taking the course on how the new variation of art came along. Persons taking this course (which is only available in grade 10) use in-depth concepts from other art forms in their work and learn about the function of media art on society.

Digital Media

…offers a variety of range in the forms of its art: such as Photoshop, photography, video and film making, and audio production. It is similar to Media Art but explores another branch of art that is not necessarily expressed on paper and screens. This course is available in grades 10 to 12, focusing on more detailed and specific ranges as the grades progress.