Last updated December 2nd, 2014

Course Codes

Courses Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Science — Academic SNC1D Gr.9 Science Academic(F) SNC2D Gr.10 Science Academic(F)
Science — Applied SNC1P Gr.9 Science Applied SNC2P Gr.10 Science Applied
Biology — University SBI3U Gr.11 Biology University SBI4U Gr.12 Biology University(R)
Biology — College SBI3C Gr.11 Biology College
Chemistry — University SCH3U Gr.11 Chemistry University SCH4U Gr.12 Chemistry University(R)
Chemistry — College SCH4C Gr.12 Chemistry College
Physics — University SPH3U Gr.11 Physics University(R) SPH4U Gr.12 Physics University(R)
Earth and Space Science SES4U Gr.12 Earth and Space Science University

(R) = Optional Advanced Placement   (F) = Optional French

About Science

Every year, our Science courses, approximately 55 classes of Science, are taught by 11 or 12 teachers. Along with our junior classes at both the academic and applied levels, we offer Senior courses in General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science and Physics. The Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes are all offered at both University and the Advanced Placement level, while Biology and Chemistry are also offered at the College level.

The Science department has been a leader in Assesment and Evaluation, offering students a wide range of Learning Tasks covering all the Learning Categories, using a model developed in house which has benefitted students, parents and teachers. We aim to ensure that all Science classes are experiential in nature, through the use of traditional and computer based lab activities, modelling, student projects, presentations, demonstrations etc.

We want our students to not only understand the content of Science, but the importance of Science in Technology, Society and the Environment, and to their future.