Last updated December 12th, 2012

Course Codes

Course Code Grade
Civics, Open CHV20/ 10

The focus of this half semester course is on informed citizenship, purposeful citizenship, and active citizenship.

One of the most important things students will take away from the course is an understanding of the political spectrum and their position on it. After all they will be eligible to vote in just a few years! Students create their own political parties to run the school and an election is held.

The model Citizen summative profiles people in the community who give back through their volunteer work. Students learn a valuble lesson that volunteering goes far beyond the mandatory 40 hours community service required to graduate.


Careers is a 0.5 credit course that helps you explore the world of work and opens opportunities to help you get an idea of what career you would like to persue in the future.

It is expected that students will:

  • identify factors that influence the changing career patterns of women and men
  • identify mentors and resources to support career plans
  • identify volunteer and leisure activities that relate to their career goals
  • identify the courses needed to meet their career plans
  • identify factors that affect the availability of career opportunities