Advanced Placement (Enriched)

Last updated February 27th, 2015
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What is Advanced Placement?

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program offers capable and motivated students with the opportunity to study university-level content within the secondary school setting. This successful program has been in existence since 1955. This is the ultimate in student acceleration.

Students who score well on the May examinations are granted credit by most universities in North America. Examinations are graded in the United States on a five-point scale.

Knowledgeable teachers at the Earl of March provide AP as an educational value-added service. For example, in the period leading to the external May assessments, teachers offer extensive examination preparation.

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Why Take Advanced Placement Courses?

Would you like your motivated and capable child to accumulate 1, 2, or even 3 university credits while in high school?

If yes, seriously consider Earl of March because we offer nine AP courses – more than any other school in eastern Ontario. In addition, over many years, our experienced AP teachers have developed successful teaching strategies and winning evaluation methods that prepare students for the AP examinations.


Sharon Choy
The learning environment is more serious. More material is covered, therefore, it provides a real academic challenge.”

Earl of March Class of 2005


Earl of March is a Leading AP School

Providing students with the opportunity for academic enrichment, Advanced Placement (AP) continues the tradition of excellence at Earl of March Secondary School.

In 1997, the teachers at EOM embraced AP which was a great fit with the school’s strong, academic tradition and we have been reaching new milestones ever since. EOM offers one of the most extensive AP programs in Ontario and its AP program is unrivaled in its breadth in the Ottawa area.