Visual Arts

Last updated February 4th, 2013



Cource Code

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Core AVI10 AVI20  AVI3M  AVI4M
Photography AWQ3M AWQ4M
Applied Design AWD3M
Life Drawing AWL4M
Portfolio&Painting     AWQ3M AWQ4M AWM4M
Ceramics   AWC2O AWC3M AWC4M


Using media such as pencil, coloured pencil and oil pastel, students do drawing exercises, life drawing from models, tonal studies, perspective studies and analytical drawings to study anatomy. Students keep a sketchbook of drawings used in the design of other art work.


Students learn about colour theory and apply this knowledge in their work.  A variety of media, including tempera paint, watercolour, acrylics and pastels are used. As students enter the senior years, they begin to develop a personal style and learn how materials work with ideas to create the desired expressive qualities.


Using HD cameras and point and shoots,students begin their study of photography. Building on these basics, students continue with a more in-depth study of photography in the senior years. Students will learn about the operations of the camera, developing film, controlling contrast and lighting, handling space and motion, and digital imaging and reworking images on the computer. A photography studioand computer room are available to students.


Specialized courses in ceramics each year expose students to the techniques of working with clay. Beginning with coils and slabs, students create projects to demonstrate their handbuilding skills. Students also learn to work on the potter’s wheel and to create sculptural pieces. Students learn to create functional, abstracted and stylized pieces.