Last updated December 2nd, 2014

Philosophy of Delivery of Mathematics Curriculum

1. Every student coming to the Earl of March Secondary School will have an appropriate pathway to complete his/her 3 (three) compulsory Mathematics credits.
2. Course content is derived from the Curriculum documents and not from textbook content. Textbooks are used as a resource only, not as a design tool.
3. Delivery and Evaluation in our Applied Program may be substantially different from our Academic Program. Regardless of program, however, all students will have multiple opportunities to practice and demonstrate their learning prior to evaluation.
4. We as educators are committed to continued professional development both formal and informal.
5. The Earl of March Mathematics Department works collaboratively to ensure consistent delivery of the curriculum.
6. We recognize the importance of communication within the school community.

Mathematics Pathways

Most of our students follow one of these paths. If you wish to see the pathway flowchart click here.

Please note that course codes that end in the letter “E” are enriched versions of the normal course and follow the same curriculum.

Course Codes

1st Course – Grade 9 2nd Course – Grade 10 3rd Course – Grade 11 4th + Course(s) (optional) – Grade 12
Essential MAT1L MAT2L MEL3E
Academic / Applied MPM1D or MFM1P MPM2D or MFM2P MCF3M MAP4C
Academic MPM1D and/or MPM1DE MPM2D and/or MPM2DE MCR3U MDM4U
Students chose courses at the end of February. In order to assist students and parents in course selection, Earl of March offers Option Sheet nights for parents to ask questions, Teachers can also individually counsel students to help select an appropriate path.

How to Get Help

Students struggling in a math course are encouraged to seek help from their teacher. Help is often available in the classroom in the morning. It is best for students to start seeking help as soon as the difficulties arise. Please inquire about our Peer Tutoring program offered through Guidance.

Students taking grades 7 through 10 math courses have access to free math tutoring and other resources through the ministry funded program Homework Help. This is an exciting new online resource made available by the Ministry of Education and the Independent Learning Centre.

Homework Help is a website that offers free online math tutoring by Ontario Certified Teachers Sunday through Thursday from 5:30PM to 9:30PM. The site also offers other rich resources available all day every day such as interactive tutorials, a glossary, a calculator, previously recorded best sessions, full lessons, and a locker to save the tutoring sessions that they had completed or watched.

Students and parents/guardians can view this site at Parents/guardians are encouraged to register their children at home so that students can start benefiting from the site right away. To register, students must provide their Ontario Education Number (OEN). The OEN can be found on each student’s timetable and report card.

For more information, please go to the Free Online Math Homework Help page posted on the board website, visit the site directly or contact your child’s teacher.


We encourage our students to participate in competitions in Mathematics. Students can register for contests through their math teachers or through the Math office, Room 160.
Contests information/practice


History of Mathematics
Math puzzles
Canadian Mathematical Society
Preparing for Math Assessments
Homework Help
Extra Practice

Links to Teacher Websites

Mr. Amini Website