Advanced Placement Advantages

Last updated February 4th, 2013


  • the opportunity to enhance academic skills and the satisfaction gained from handling challenging material
  • the opportunity to investigate favourite subjects in greater depth


  • AP programs are tailored to meet the specific interests of each student – a real advantage over many traditional school-based enrichment programs


  • AP provides students the opportunity to realize their full potential and thus master university-level material while in high school
  • exams are graded in the United States by university professors and experienced AP teachers

Financial Rewards

  • each university credit can be obtained at a very reasonable cost (about $100) compared to approximately $1000 per university course

University Preparation

  • having handled difficult material in high school, students feel more comfortable and have greater confidence in the university setting
  • it has been demonstrated that AP students excel in university

University Acceleration

  • academic credit or exemption is granted, by increasing numbers of Canadian and American universities, for first year courses thus providing greater university program flexibility
  • this head start facilitates a greater level of academic concentration, double majors, or earlier graduation

International Recognition


  • in a competitive environment, AP courses demonstrate to universities throughout the world that a student is able to achieve academic success
  • in Canada, the number of post-secondary institutions which accept AP has grown very quickly over the last two years
  • the AP experience is seen as a reliable indicator of future academic success
  • 90% of North American universities accept AP grades
  • the AP Program, sponsored by the American College Board, is taught in over 16,000 schools around the globe
  • last year, over 1.1 million students, throughout the world, wrote AP exams