Reading Strategies

Last updated February 4th, 2013

The best way to improve reading is to read often. Reading on a daily basis will increase one’s knowledge, awareness of proper prose and errors in prose, and one’s ability to think critically and make connections.

1. Read the newspaper.

  • What does the title suggest?
  • Answer the five W’s- Who? What? Why? Where? When?
  • Choose a couple of articles that grab your attention. Ask yourself the following questions when you are reading:
  • If you read the paper on a daily basis, it will help to increase the speed of your reading. Reading the newspaper will also help you to determine the information that is important.

2. Create weekly word walls.

  • When reading a text, choose vocabulary (just a few words to begin). Write the word and its definition (in your own words). Post the word wall in your room. Increasing your vocabulary will help you to become a better reader.

3. Choose novels that you want to read!

  • Being engaged in the text is important. It will make you want to read which will ultimately improve your reading.

4. Think about what you have read.

  • It is important to reflect. It allows you to make questions and to think outside the box.