Digital Media

Last updated December 11th, 2012

“Digital Media” is a new stream of courses replacing the previous designation of “Communications Technology”. Digital Media explores a range of forms, such as: audio production, film and video making, photography, and Google apps.

Earl of March has recently built a recording studio for music and audio production. Students are now able to record and produce their own music, do voice-overs for films with professional quality, and create their own sound effects.

The Kanata Kourier recently published a story on the recording studio.

Films and music videos created by Earl students are regularily played on the foyer televsions, showcasing the creative abilities of the students in the program.

A creative process of experimenting with technology seems to provoke questions that may not usually be asked of technology.

Esther Rolinson

Original Songs by Earl Students

The grade 12 Comm Tech class gets a demonstration of live sampling with a Korg Kaaos Pad and a laptop.


Student Music Video: “Don’t Cry Out”

Student Music Video: “Confessions of Two Failed Directors”

Student Music Video: “Shooting Star”