Media Arts

Last updated December 11th, 2012


Q:What is Media Art?
 A:  A new emerging form of art is Media Art-a genre that encompasses artwork that can be realized by using new media technologies including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, and interactive art technologies. It is typically process-like in form, which entails that its characteristics may include eg moulding, televirtuality, interactivity, and environment.

Introducing.. Media Art

Please note that this course at Earl
is only available in grade 10.

Media arts in an emerging discipline that incorporates a new aesthetic model extending beyond traditional art forms,  it may involve new, visionary ways of creating art or may supply innovative, hybrid ways of using and expanding traditional arts disciplines.

In the ASM20 Media Arts course there is an emphasis on technology in the classroom (e.g. computer software, digital camera, scanner, audio, and video).  This is a new frontier that visual artists have breached, integrating new methods and technologies with traditional visual art techniques and equipment.

The concepts of light, colour, sounds, time, movement, point of view, performance, framing, editing, balance, interactivity, hybridization, and temporality are used to create “cutting edge” works of art. 

Overall Expectations 

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Explain the elements and principles of media arts as they apply to their own work and the work of others, while also recognizing what has been borrowed from traditional art
  • Recognize and use vocabulary specific to media art
  • Explain the historical foundations of media arts
  • View and experience selected media artworks/productions
  • Identify and describe the effect of technologies on media arts
  • Understand the evolution of media arts from 1950-1980
  • Demonstrate the importance of safety and routine and respectfulness in the studio
  • Demonstrate procedures for respecting and maintaining common property, equipment, space and materials
  • Use the concepts of media art in their own work
  • Demonstrate skills in manipulating traditional and newer art tools related to media art
  • Use the stages of the creative process to communicate their ideas individually and in groups
  • Use concepts from other art forms in their work
  • Use critical analysis to examine and discuss the aesthetic and compositional components
  • Identify the impact of media art on themselves and their community
  • Identify the function of media art in society