Student Success Program

Last updated February 4th, 2013

This position has been created by the Ministry and has been introduced in all OCDSB schools as well as many others around the province this year and will be in all Ontario schools next year.

Student Success Mission Statement

The Student Success Mission is not to lower dropout rates, to improve OSSLT or EQAO test results, nor to raise the number of students who reach the “16 by 16″ credit accumulation goal (though all of these indicators will improve as we strive towards our actual mission).

The Student Success Mission is to encourage all students to discover their own self-worth, sense of purpose, and means of interacting with one another in ways that transform their world from one of risk to one of opportunity.

Student Success Program Components

A. Tracking Component

This part of the position includes:

  • Identifying and meeting with all At-Risk Students, particularly those just beginning their high school careers.
  • Developing programs, interventions and learning opportunities linked to the Student Success Mission.
  • Communicating and collaborating with all stakeholders in the Student Success program (students, parents, teachers, administration, support staff, student services, feeder schools, student success teachers and board representatives).
  • Managing and reporting on data, records and statistical analysis related to student success (10 Ministry Indicators).
  • Training, research and professional development focused on At-Risk Students to be shared with colleagues.
  • Literacy, numeracy, and pathways program development in coordination with existing resident experts.

B. The Learning Strategies Component

Success = (Knowledge + Ability) x Motivation. Therefore, the learning strategies component will incorporate both traditional learning strategy content (Organization, Study Skills, Literacy/Numeracy Strategies, Research Skills, Multiple Intelligence Awareness, Etc.) Students will be able to earn a credit for completing the Learning Strategies Course (GLS1O).

C. Credit Recovery

The idea behind the credit recovery program is that students who fail courses and fall behind automatically become “at risk.” Providing an opportunity for students to “recover” failed credits increases the likelyhood of their success. There are two groups of students who would particularly benefit from this program: a) Grade 10 students who have failed two or more Grade 9 subjects, and b) senior students who may be able to graduate if they can recover a couple missed credits.

Students should be selected for this program based on the above recommendation. As well, students who may qualify for this program should demonstrate a positive attitude about this opportunity and a commitment to becoming a successful, lifelong learner. This course should focus on the particular subjects being recovered as well as on elements of learning strategies and leadership. The fourth pillar of Student Success (Caring, Culture and Community) should be incorporated into this course.


This document is intended to introduce the vision of the Student Success program. As a new program, it will obviously twist and turn in several directions, each potent with opportunity. Hopefully, this vision will help us to “begin with the end in mind.”

Creating a successful learning environment requires time, patience, and energy, but the investment at the beginning yields tremendous dividends to both the school, and the individual by the time they move on from E.O.M. to the “real world”.