Immersion Program

Last updated February 4th, 2013

French Immersion Program

The French Immersion Program provides students with an extensive study of French Literature, French culture and French grammar. Students study a variety of novels, plays, and other written works. They are able to write using a variety of forms including critiques, formal letters and research essays. French Immersion students have a very good knowledge of both written and spoken French which will continue to grow during post secondary learning or in a field of work.

Immersion at Earl of March

The French Immersion program at Earl of March Secondary School offers a variety of courses in French, thus allowing students to develop their language skills in different subject areas. Students attain proficiency in this second language that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Le programme d’immersion française à l’école secondaire Earl of March offre une variété de cours donnés dans la langue cible. Les élèves peuvent développer leurs habiletés langagières par l’entremise de plusieurs matière. Ceci leur permettra d’atteindre une maîtrise du français qui leur servira tout au long de leur vie.

Advanced Placement for French Immersion

French Immersion students also have the opportunity to write the French Literature Advanced Placement Exam at Earl of March. Students who are successful on the Advanced Placement Exam may be granted a university credit when they are admitted to a North American university program.
Mr. Trudel and Mr. Darbyson are the teachers responsible for the Advanced Placement Programs at Earl of March.