Health and Physical Education

Last updated September 2nd, 2015

Course Codes

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Open (Phys-Ed)

Open (Leadered Ship)     GPP30  

The Physical Education Department at Earl of March Secondary School offers courses in Healthy Active Living grades nine, ten, eleven and twelve, Fitness and Leadership grade eleven, and Exercise Science in grade twelve.

The grade nine Healthy Active Living course focuses upon promoting physical activity while learning movement skills. Creating a foundation for personal fitness is an objective for the course as well as goal-setting and recognizing and nurturing leadership skills. The health topics investigate healthy sexuality, the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and various other drugs. The ten, eleven and twelve Healthy Active Living courses compliment the grade nine courses by continuing the pursuit and commitment to physical activity. A focus on communication, decision-making, time-management skills and developing a strong work ethic are key components to each unit. The health units focus upon healthy relationships, group dynamics, conflict-resolution, personal safety and mental health.

The grade eleven Fitness course challenges the student to develop and follow a fitness and nutrition regime. The students analyze the affects of health and wellness in our community and examine the number of health issues affecting society today. The grade eleven Leadership course recognizes and develops the innate leader in all of us. The students work on developing their communication skills, interpersonal relations, team-work and conflict management skills and apply these proficiencies to the various tasks assigned to them.

The grade twelve Exercise Science course studies human physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, neuromuscular concepts and bioenergetics. The course uses labs as a vehicle to create comprehension between theory and application. Each course is geared toward empowering and preparing the students for a career beyond high school in the multi-faceted world of work.