Research Strategies

Last updated February 4th, 2013

Follow the Research Path

A. Online Magazines/Newspapers/Journals
B. Encyclopedias/Reference Section
C. Web Sites & Search Engines
D. Ottawa Public Library (
E. Carleton University (


A. Searching the “Canadian Periodical Index” (CPIQ):

  • (Searches newspaper, magazines, and some journals)

B. Encyclopedias

  • Computer/CD-ROM: World Book, Encarta, and Canadian Encyclopedia

C. Ottawa Public Library (

  • Students can use this web site to search for books from their catalogue or to search their online databases (“Electronic Info”) for newspaper, magazine, or journal articles. To use the “Electronic Info”) section, students need an OPL patron card from the Ottawa Public Library.
  • In “Electronic Info” try Electronic Library, EBSCO, CBCA, Cdn Newsstand, Canadian Literary Centre, or Literature resource Centre.

D. Web Sites and Search Engines to try:

E. Carleton University

  • Search the Carleton University Catalogue; print your findings.
  • See the Librarian to sign up for a Carleton Borrower’s Card.